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My Background
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My Background

I started in print. First, I was a production coordinator in direct mail, then a marketing assistant and writer in the advertising and PR industry. I wrote for a company newsletter and was asked to design the newsletter because they didn't want to pay their ad agency to design an internal newsletter. The administrative assistants in the company thought I was "playing" on my computer since it had so many pictures on the screen. My boss said something about perception vs. reality and I was fired.

I went back to school for a Certificate in Desktop Publishing and worked as a Customer Service Rep for a printer.

In my Desktop Publishing program, I took a multimedia class where I learned PowerPoint. I quickly realized there was more to multimedia than PowerPoint.

I faked my way into the multimedia industry. I learn new software quickly and began freelancing as a developer in Macromedia Director, creating interactive CD-ROM's. One of my coworkers introduced me to HTML. I've never looked back.

As one of the developers who came in towards the beginning of the Internet age, I began teaching multimedia at a local University. I loved teaching and watching the students learn and discover new things.

After several years of developing, I started becoming interested in the methodology behind creating learning programs. While I loved programming, I found myself more and more intrigued with how people learn and how people learn using the computer. It was directly tied to my love of teaching.

I knew I needed a Master's to teach regularly at the University level. And I wanted to learn more about education and technology working together.

When I was only four classes into a Master's in Instructional Design for Online Learning, I began to discover the answers to my questions.

And learned that I have more questions....

pdf iconIf you want the official version of my background, here's a .pdf of my resume.



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