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ED724 Project Management for Multimedia Development

download .pdf of tabletable of software for training programs

download .pdf of tableMacromedia's software matrix


ED724 Project Management for
Multimedia Development

My course project, will probably be managing a project created with Macromedia Authorware as a training tool. I have used it a little, and am familiar with some training tools, but I realize there are a lot out there with different strengths and weaknesses.

I admit there are programs out there that I lean towards that I may be unjustifiably biased towards. I worked at one place where I fought to NOT use Authorware and to keep Director. At the time I didn't use Authorware and didn't want to be out of a job. Now I see how much TIME Authorware would have saved us. I have been in many places where I've heard the same thing--"Oh, we have to use X. Y or Z won't work." Will it really not work, or does the person involved not know the program?

This information should be very useful to all project managers and training departments.


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