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Creating a site

  1. Linking to an existing site

  2. Starting a site from scratch

Creating a page using the Layout View

Importing images

Creating rollover buttons

Creating style sheets

Uploading to a server




Creating a site from scratch

Creating a site from scratch is very similar to linking to an existing site exept that you actually have to create the folder before you link to it.

  1. Launch Dreamweaver.
  2. An Untitled Document will open.
  3. From the top menu select Site>New Site.
  4. After Site Name is a highlighted window. Type in a descriptive name. The site name for this site is Cognitive Horizons. No one but you sees the site name. It is only so you find the correct site if you have multiple sites.

local site window

  1. In the Local Root Folder click on the folder next to the window.
  2. Browse to where you want the folder you are about to create to live, for instance your Desktop. In the upper right corner is the image of a folder with a "sparkle" on it. Click on the icon to create a new folder. Name the folder.
    You must now either open the folder (by double-clicking on it) or choose OPEN from the lower right button. Once you are inside the folder you created click on Select (Choose on the Mac). This step is very important. IF you DO NOT OPEN the folder first, you WILL NOT be choosing it as your site.

  3. You will return to the Site Definitions window. Make sure the information is correct next to Local Root Folder (If it says Desktop instead of Desktop/SiteFolder, you need to reselect the folder).
  4. Leave all selected and unselected boxes in their default state.
  5. Select Okay. Dreamweaver might now warn you that it is creating the initial site cache. That is okay.
  6. The Site window will now open. On the right side should be your folder with all the images and existing files inside.
  7. Right click on the folder's name (in the right window) and select New File.
  8. A new file called untitled.htm is created. If this is the first page of your site (i.e your home page) name it index.htm. This will be the first page that people see when they come to your site. It must be called index.htm Sometimes ISPs support default.htm, welcome.htm, home.htm but if you DON'T name it correctly, your page will not show up on your site.
  9. Double-click on the new page and start creating your site!

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