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Creating a site

  1. Linking to an existing site

  2. Starting a site from scratch

Creating a page using the Layout View

Importing images

Creating rollover buttons

Creating style sheets

Uploading to a server




Importing Images into Dreamweaver

Okay, you've created your site and are ready to start bringing artwork onto your page. I'm going to assume you've create a table for your design.

  1. Put your cursor in the cell where you want the image to be.
  2. Click on the Assests folder icon on the bottom right of your page or select Window>Assets.
  3. If the site cache was created, a list of all the images in the site should be listed in the Assets panel. If they are not showing, click on the top left icon (the image of the tree) IN THE ASSETS PANEL. Make sure the Site radio button next to Images (at the top center of the Assets panel).
  4. Browse to the image you want to place on the page. This panel shows ALL images from your site so make sure you are take the compressed images from the images folder, not from other folders within your site.
  5. When you find the image you want to use, select it and EITHER click Insert (bottom left of the Assets panel) or simply drag it to the correct location on the page.

You're not done yet....

  1. Select the image. In the Properties Panel name the image (the box on the left side of the panel. NO spaces, something simple that will identify it if you want to apply behaviors to it (like a rollover). In the ALT window give it a descriptive name. This CAN and should have spaces, capital letters etc. It is a descriptive name that the screen readers will read (it is also what appears when the mouse is held over the image when using IE).

Okay, now you're done.

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