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Building Your Site:
Putting it all together

What make a site successful?

Site Design

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Who should comply?

In a word, everyone. It is the right thing to do. Think of compliance as "curb cuts" on your site.

Originally, curb cuts were placed in sidewalks to assist those in wheelchairs and those with walkers or canes. However, since curb cuts were implemented, almost everyone has benefited from them, from parents with strollers, to kids with the backpacks that have wheels, to joggers, to bikers. Something that was originally designed to help one specific group (the disabled) now benefits everyone.

And, if nothing else, we have a litigious society. If your site doesn't make a reasonable effort to make your site accessible, you will eventually be sued. Read Wired's article about the National Federation of the Blind's lawsuit against AOL.

How can my company comply?

It isn't as difficult as you think. This site is set up to be totally compliant with Section 508 and the ADA.

It doesn't cost a lot of money and doesn't mean you can't design nice sites.

The greatest expense in setting up an accessible site is educating developers as to what must be done to redo non-compliant sites. Once designers and web programmers are educated, the additional cost will be nominal.


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