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Building Your Site:
Putting it all together

What make a site successful?

Site Design

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Reference Library
What EVERY web designer should have on his desk


Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
(from the W3 site)

  1. Provide equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content.

Use the <alt> and <longdesc> to describe images on a site. Name nonessential graphical element " " (a spacebar press in the alt window in Dreamweaver) so readers will skip reading them.

Graphical elements such as a bullet can be described as "*". You don't need to name buttons as "home button". "To home" is shorter. Readers also change pitch/tone/gender to indicated an image is a link.

If an image has a textual link, describe the image if relevant or else name it " ".

Dreamweaver now has several extensions that assist with the <longdesc> tag and checking your site for accessibility. Fireworks has an extension that can rename all unnamed images with " ".

If an image shows important information, use the <longdesc> to describe the graphic or send the user to another page.

<IMG src="97sales.gif" alt="Sales for 1997"

The sales97.html:

    A chart showing how sales in 1997 progressed. The chart is a bar-chart showing percentage increases in sales by month. Sales in January were up 10% from December 1996, sales in February dropped 3%, ...


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