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Building Your Site:
Putting it all together

What make a site successful?

Site Design

Content Design

Page Design

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Reference Library
What EVERY web designer should have on his desk


What every serious web site designer should have on his desk

books | web sites | newsgroups

(I hope you have a big desk)


Cato, J. User-Centered Web Design

Flemming, J. Web Navigation: Designing the User Experience

Graphic Artists Guild Pricing Guide

Krug, S., Black, R. Don't Make Me Think

Lynch, P., Horton S. Web Style Guide

Myer, E. Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide

Nielsen, J. Designing Web Usability

Nielsen, J. Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed

Rosenfeld, L. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

Siegel, D. Creating Killer Web Sites

Weinman, L. Designing Web Graphics.3
Lynda also has great Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver books

Web sites

Useit: Jakob Nielsen's web site

Yale Style Manual: Patrick Lynch's web site

Creating Killer Web Sites: David Siegel's web site

Lynda.com: Lynda Weinman's web site

Macromedia: Dreamweaver

Macromedia: Accessibility

Macromedia: Extensions



AccessibilityMonitor.com: Can tell you if your web site is compliant


Dreamweaver forum

Flash forum

Fireworks forum

Photoshop forum (Mac) (PC)

GoLive forum (Mac) (PC)

books | web sites | newsgroups

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