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What make a site successful?

Site Design

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What EVERY web designer should have on his desk


Site Elements

Site Search feature

Another large site feature. Search engines can purchased, created, or free*. Large companies will probably have a site search engine created that will automatically index all pages on a daily basis. Creating a simple one in JavaScript is also possible but time consuming.

Fusionbot offers an extension for Dreamweaver that works nicely. It has advertising on the site search if you want the search for free or for a "nominal fee" you can be advertising-free. I am using it on this site.

Contact info/user feedback

Let people reach you! Every page should have contact information. If you are a large company (as opposed to working out of your house) you should also have a contact us page with such things as:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Save your receptionist, marketing assistant, HR department, billing department and MIS/IT department hours of time. Ask them for their most frequently asked questions and post them to your web site. If users have questions, they look first for the FAQ, then for an e-mail address.

Personalized Error page

Click on this link: old link or bookmark. I've set up a customized 404 page to help people. It can make getting lost on a site, a little less frustrating. Don't go crazy on the content of the 404 page. You want it to load quickly. I have the already cached top navigation and the search button. I simplified the table to make the loading faster. Eventually I will be putting up instructions on how to create this. For immediate gratification, use this link except, note: on #4.

"Save this Notepad file as “.htaccess” (it starts with a period and has no extension and ISN'T enclosed in quotes)."


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