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Build Your Site: Putting it all Together

Building Your Site:
Putting it all together

What make a site successful?

Site Design

Content Design

Page Design

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What EVERY web designer should have on his desk


What makes a successful site?

  1. Site Design
  2. Content Design
  3. Page Design
  4. Accessibility

Site Design: Decide how your user is going to navigate your site. To do this effectively, you must define your audience.

Site navigation

Four basic site navigational designs

User must progress through the site in a specific order. Good for simple training materials. Leaves user with little sense of control.
No material is more or less important than other material. User can travel down or through a site. Grids can be a great way to organize a lot of non-similar content but can be difficult for a user to understand and navigate through properly. Best for sites with experienced users.
Most popular format. Set up like an organizational chart
Free flowing. User can jump throughout a site by following navigation or links. Can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to maintain.

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