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Creating a site

  1. Linking to an existing site

  2. Starting a site from scratch

Creating a page using the Layout View

Importing images

Creating rollover buttons

Creating style sheets

Uploading to a server




Uploading to a folder

Congratulations! You're almost done! Now that you've create your site and put text and artwork onto the page, it's time for everyone to see the results of your hard work. We need to get your page up to a server.

There are many ISPs out there that run from free to hundreds of dollars a month. Personally, I wouldn't use either of them. You probably already have a web site thorough your Internet connection.

More information about finding a hosting service.

  1. Select the "show site" icon at the bottom right of your page--(the org chart) or Site>Define Site).
  2. Select the site you want to upload and click Edit.
  3. Our Site Definition window is back. This time from the left menu, select "Remote Info"
  4. For Server Access select FTP
    This information is for most uploading. Some companies have their own procedures. Some ISPs (AOL) have their own FTP through their browser. I have created a subfolder for this class so you can post your files. The address is http://www.CognitiveHorizons.com/~temple. Click on the folder with your name and your page should open.
  5. FTP Host: ftp.cognitivehorizons.com
  6. Host Directory: leave blank
  7. Login: temple
  8. Password:website
  9. Select OK.
  10. The Site window should open. Now the two grayed out plugs next to your site name should be active. Clicking on it should connect you to the server.
  11. When the server opens on the left side of the Site window, double-click to open your folder.
  12. Drag your pages on the right side of the window to the left. Dreamweaver asks if you want to "Include dependent files". This means Dreamweaver will take all (and only) the images you used one your pages. It is usually convenient the first time you upload your site. After that, I usually select No.
  13. Open your browser and type the address in the window. You should now see your web page!


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